Saturday, August 27, 2005

basketball basics - 101

The Basics!

Basketball players move a ball on a court by dribbling, passing, and shooting. Points are scored when a player shoots the ball through the hoop. A basket (or field goal) counts as either two or three points, and free throws count one point each. The team scoring the greater number of points in the allotted time wins the game.

What's Needed?
A basketball, basketball sneakers, socks, shorts, and matching jersey.

How long is a game?
A basketball game is generally divided into two halves, each ranging from twelve to twenty-four minutes (depending on the league). Many youth leagues play four quarters (as does the National Basketball Association). Play starts with a “jump ball” at center court. After each quarter (or at halftime) teams switch sides. Each team is permitted a certain number of time-outs per half (again depending on league rules). If a game ends in a tie, overtime periods of up to five minutes are usually played until one team outscores the other to win.

Great Shot

Jump Shot - A shot performed while jumping in the air in which the ball is released at the highest point off the ground. It is often used when shooting over a defender trying to block the ball.

Lay-up - Describes when a player moves to the hoop with the ball, steps up toward the rim, and rolls the ball off his or her fingertips into the basket.

Bank Shot - A shot in which the ball first touches the backboard before it goes into the hoop. A player will often try a bank shot when shooting from a difficult angle.

Dunk (or Jam) - A player jumps in the air and slams the ball into the basket.

Hook Shot - A one-handed shot usually taken from near or inside the key. The shooter faces sideways to the hoop and arcs the ball over the defending player.

Free Throw - A free shot taken from the foul line as the result of a foul. If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting the ball and misses the shot, he or she is given two free throws. If the shooter is fouled but makes the basket then only one free throw is taken. Also, if a non-shooting player is fouled and the opposing team is over its limit of “team fouls,” the fouled player goes to the line to shoot a “one-and-one.”

Let's Get Personal!

Personal Foul - Called when illegal body contact occurs between opposing player. Common examples are holding, charging, tripping, blocking, pushing, or interference. A personal foul results in either a player taking free throws or a team losing possession of the ball.

Charging - Called when a player moving with the ball runs into a defender who has established a set guarding position. Possession of the ball goes to the defense.

Blocking - A defensive player may not stand in the way of a dribbling player unless that defender has established a legal guarding stance.

Technical Foul - Called against any player or coach for unsportsmanlike conduct such as swearing or arguing with a referee. A technical foul awards the other team at least one free throw and possession of the ball. If a player or coach receives two technical fouls, he or she is removed from the game.

Three-second Violation - An offensive player without the ball may not stand in the free-throw lane for more than three seconds. Infraction of this rule results in a “turnover.”

Five-second Rule - A closely guarded player holding the ball has five seconds to either pass or advance the ball toward the hoop. When called, possession of the ball goes to the opposite team.

Ten-second Rule - After an “inbound,” offensive players have ten seconds to move the ball from their own “backcourt,” over the midcourt line into their “frontcourt.”
Backcourt Violation - An offensive player with the ball may not cross back over the half-court line once he or she has advanced the ball beyond midcourt. Doing so results in a turnover.

Inbound Violation - Players have five seconds to inbound the ball. If unable to do so the ball goes to the other team.

special thanks to Manhattanville College good luck this season!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

back to school

back to school, back to school supplies, back to school ideas, going back to school
Everything you wanted and more what to give this year for back to school, back to school supplies, back to school ideas, going back to school

It's that time of year of again! When the stores start getting stocked with all kinds of crazy school supplies, and everyone is talking about school time again!

We here at Sacred Hoops want you rather your a kid, a parent, or a teacher to have a great transition to the new school year!

Let's start off with a few things to know about back to school, back to school ideas, back to school supplies, back to school transition, back to school health and so much more!

The new and cool things to get or do this summer:
1. got to get a new pair of nikes!
2. got to get a some new styling jeans
3. got to get a books! books are in this year, and you must read them!
4. got to get a computer...though it's not a must. It's the most pratical idea to get.
5. got to get healthy

What not to get before this school year

1. don't get a new ipod...they are sort of out.
2. don't get sucked into the old school comeback game systems...just wait until the new and better comes out!
3. don't get new lunch box or anything...brown baggin it back in!
4. don't get stuck with the hectic and crazy pace...take time!
5. don't get all caught up in your own person!

Now, for teachers check out some of these cool games and icebreakers for you. To help you get to know your students better, and getting back to school flow again!
What are you waiting for check these awesome icebreakers here!

Stay healthy, check out back to school great tips for all to help you watch your weight and stay healthy.

Sometimes there is fear, scared, and anxiety with kids of all ages going back to school. Rather they are on there way to college, middle school, high school, or maybe just there first day of school point! Here are some great tips tha we hav for you as parents and children to try!

1. Start a tradiation together to do every year a new school year starts. (such as.. before school starts is going to visit the school and talking with any teachers that may be around)

2. Make sure they get plenty of rest the night before the first day of school...sometimes it might mean for them to take a tylenol to help them rest better.

3. Have a prayer at the pole for you kids. Take your kid or kids and go to there school and pray with them and for them at the pole! Why not start the school year off with prayer we couldn't think of any better way!

4. Help them get organized and there classes down! structure, organization, repeat, plan, and repeat!

5. Get them in a normal day routine. Rather it's a routine with breakfast every morning which would be a great routine. Routine of afterschool activities, or whatever it is..if it's just a normal routine. It helps kids do better in school to have a solid scheduled routine that they can get a hang of!

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Easy Guides To Choose Different Sport Shoes

Easy Guides To Choose Different Sport Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is an important aspect of foot health. Better to be careful when choosing shoes. If you buy wrong shoes it can cause foot problems. Even though, that doesn’t mean the right shoes can correct your problem. It can only prevent problem on your foot.

If you like sports -- basketball, golf or just walking -- choose the best shoes. Bad shoes can lead not only to foot and ankle problems, but leg, hip, and even back pain as well. That's because alignment begins with your feet and moves up to influence the rest of your body.

Sure there are other activities you do during your life time. Starting with walking around the house or traveling to work or maybe doing exercise and other activities, there are always shoes for all situations. Each shoe has their own characteristic such as look, feel, smell and how the shoes react to you, the wearer.

Here are some checklists you need to know when buying shoes.

* Check the shoes closely by touching it.
* Check whether the soles is strong and flexible when gripping the surface
* Insoles should be cushioned to absorb the jolts of walking on hard surfaces.
* Arch supports distribute weight over a wider area.
* Shoes made of leather are best because leather breathe like skin and mold to your foot.
* Don’t buy shoes if not comfortable.
* Don't plan on shoes stretching with wear.
* Try shoes for both feet. Each foot is often different size.
* Do shoes shopping at the end of the day because feet swell to their largest at that time. That’s why always buy shoes for the biggest foot.
* Size depends on shoe make and style, too. Don't insist you always wear one size if the next feels better.
* The heel should fit snugly and the instep should not gape open.

If you already know what you should do before buying shoes, another thing you have to consider is deciding which shoes for what occasion. Obviously you would not play tennis wearing your high heel dress shoes, right?

Here are some of the shoes that most people would have:

1. Dress shoes: This include dress boot, bridal shoes, prom shoes etc. You can wear dress shoes to formal occasion such as to a dinner, job interview or school event. At least you need one pair of dress shoes, specially the simple traditional dressy shoe which is a mid height heel at about 2.5 or 3 inches high, black and opened toe.

2. Casual Shoes: This includes sneaker, sandal, boot, etc. This is for more relax occasion. It can be any shoes with various colors, style and for any occasion. This shoe is more reflecting your taste, your favorite colors and your interests. Casual shoes can be inexpensive, since it is made of different material, not merely leather. The color is so various, that you can choose what ever color you like. You can wear it for shopping, relaxing, to cinema etc.

3. Athletic Shoes: It includes all sport shoes. There are so many brands that you can choose, but there are a few brand which specialize in sport footwear such as Adidas. You wear athletic shoes during your exercise, jogging, walking, running and other sport activities. However, currently there are some people also consider this type of shoes as casual shoes, so they wear it everyday for their activity. That’s okay too.

Shoes not only influence how others perceive you but they also influence how you views yourself. From the style you chooses and how well you are maintained, people can determine the stock your places on their appearance. Show yourself that you are a classy person by wearing the right shoes!

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sports Supplement

Sports Supplement

Sports Supplement – what is it?

We are all aware of what is a nutrition or diet supplement, but what is a sports supplement? A sport supplement is a subcategory of nutrition supplements. The sports supplement is associated with rising sport results, intensifying training, lowering the consequences like muscle pane, etc. Many athletes use some type of sports supplement or supplements, but if you are an athlete you need to be careful as some of the chemicals used in production of supplements or some of the supplements themselves can be on the banned substance list.

Sports Supplement – caffeine.

Caffeine is an example of a sports supplement. Athletes have used caffeine for a long time as it helps them to stay alert and improve endurance. A good thing about caffeine is that there was a lot of research done about it. According to many sport researchers, caffeine supplements claim that caffeine improves athletic performance, increases energy, delays fatigue, improves fat burning, and enhances body fat loss.

Sports Supplement – protein.

Protein is another example of a sports supplement. According to many athletes, high protein diets help to increase muscle mass and gain strength. Unfortunately there is no scientific proof of that nowadays. Protein supplements claim that protein supports muscle growth, increases muscle strength and mass, improves recovery, etc. Again, no research is available to prove these claims.

Sports Supplement – creatine.

Creatine is yet another example of a sports supplement. According to many sport researchers, creatine supplements seem to enable muscles to work harder before becoming fatigued. Creatine supplements claim that creatine improves high power performance of short duration, increases muscle mass, delays fatigue. If you are an athlete, you need to be careful about using creatine sports supplements as there is very little research regarding safety of creatine.

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