Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Winning is a by product of Arete

1. Questionable, unsportsmanlike tactics employed to influence the odds of winning are never worth the price in loss of self-respect.

2. Degrading remarks or actions aimed at spurring players on to greater effort may bring temporary success but results in long-range failure.

3. Anger is poor substitute for reason.

4. Your players tend to ecom what they believe you think they are.

5. Teenagers, by nature, are idealistic.

6. Attitudes such as jealousy and discontent among players are often nurtured by well-meaning adults whose eyes are set only upon the glamorous aspects of winning.

7. Patience and love are the most powerful tools in coaching.

8. Today's heartbreaks turn into tomorrow's strengths.

9. Gracefully accept unfortunate events beyond your control.

10. Work hard to influence the outcome of importatt things within your control.

11. Never "second-guess" yourself on decisions made with integrity, intelligence and with a glance from the heart.

12. The most essential thing in coaching, and a coach's greatest challenge, is to teach players to never give up!

--Coach Wilbur Braithwaite

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How to be a Champion

You wonder how they do it and
you look to see the knack,

You watch the foot in action
or shoulder or the back,

But when you spot the answer
where the higher glamors works

You'll find in moving higher
up the laurel covered spire,

That most of it is practice
and the rest of it is work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

got rock? Poems, basketball poems, inspirational poems, motivational poems

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got rock
Poems, basketball poems, inspirational poems, motivational poems

Should the waves of life come crashing down,
and there's fear and trembling beneath that frown,
Don't worry what others may say or mock,
Think of the limpet stuck to the rock.
Under 1,000's and 1,000's of waves each day,
The limpet's not worried if he'll be okay
For his faith isn't based on the size of the sea,
And if the next wave might knock him free.
He's just a sea creature who's stuck to a rock.
How can this apply to our own Christian walk?
Well, we have a Rock that we can cling to,
When life's little problems seem too big to chew.
And our Rock is more solid than any you'll find,
And you can ask Him to help you---He really won't mind.
so where do you find Him, home much does He cost?
You couldn't possibly buy Him and He's never been lost.
Our Rock's name is Jesus, It's not quite the same.
He's there cause He loves you and He's calling your name.