Wednesday, August 10, 2005

back to school

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Everything you wanted and more what to give this year for back to school, back to school supplies, back to school ideas, going back to school

It's that time of year of again! When the stores start getting stocked with all kinds of crazy school supplies, and everyone is talking about school time again!

We here at Sacred Hoops want you rather your a kid, a parent, or a teacher to have a great transition to the new school year!

Let's start off with a few things to know about back to school, back to school ideas, back to school supplies, back to school transition, back to school health and so much more!

The new and cool things to get or do this summer:
1. got to get a new pair of nikes!
2. got to get a some new styling jeans
3. got to get a books! books are in this year, and you must read them!
4. got to get a computer...though it's not a must. It's the most pratical idea to get.
5. got to get healthy

What not to get before this school year

1. don't get a new ipod...they are sort of out.
2. don't get sucked into the old school comeback game systems...just wait until the new and better comes out!
3. don't get new lunch box or anything...brown baggin it back in!
4. don't get stuck with the hectic and crazy pace...take time!
5. don't get all caught up in your own person!

Now, for teachers check out some of these cool games and icebreakers for you. To help you get to know your students better, and getting back to school flow again!
What are you waiting for check these awesome icebreakers here!

Stay healthy, check out back to school great tips for all to help you watch your weight and stay healthy.

Sometimes there is fear, scared, and anxiety with kids of all ages going back to school. Rather they are on there way to college, middle school, high school, or maybe just there first day of school point! Here are some great tips tha we hav for you as parents and children to try!

1. Start a tradiation together to do every year a new school year starts. (such as.. before school starts is going to visit the school and talking with any teachers that may be around)

2. Make sure they get plenty of rest the night before the first day of school...sometimes it might mean for them to take a tylenol to help them rest better.

3. Have a prayer at the pole for you kids. Take your kid or kids and go to there school and pray with them and for them at the pole! Why not start the school year off with prayer we couldn't think of any better way!

4. Help them get organized and there classes down! structure, organization, repeat, plan, and repeat!

5. Get them in a normal day routine. Rather it's a routine with breakfast every morning which would be a great routine. Routine of afterschool activities, or whatever it is..if it's just a normal routine. It helps kids do better in school to have a solid scheduled routine that they can get a hang of!

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