Friday, March 31, 2006

What were the odds?

What are the odds or where the odds of George Mason

Let us brake them down

before the March Madness even started the George Mason Patriot's where as high as 400-to-1 to win the whole March Madness Final Four in Indianapolis.

"There has been no truly dominant team this year, so if there was a year to take a longshot this might have been it," said John Avello, director of the race and sports book at Wynn Las Vegas.

Can you now believe that the George Mason Patriots, a No. 11 seed, at 300-to-1, have now increased there odds every game they keep winning of course, but still are pretty much the ultimate Cinderalle long shot! Those odds now likely will be somewhere in between 8-to-1 and 15-to-1.

The stats state or we know that there has been no seed higher then No. 8 Villanova back in 1985 to EVER and we do mean EVER WIN the national championship game. So the odds are very slim.

George Mason finished its regular season at 22-6 and received an at-large bid into the Tournament after losing to Hofstra in the Colonial Athletic Association tournament semifinals. The Patriots were 0-3 in their previous three NCAA appearances.

Interested to see the odds being played out!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

George Mason are they real deal or the real Cinderella

George Mason are they real deal or the real Cinderella!

Wow someon pinch me, are you serious! George Mason in the Final Four! Wow, headed to Indianapolis for the final four! George Mason!

Well, I guess only time will tell if if the real Cinderella story will have a good ending or not!

George Mason are they real deal or the real Cinderella

George Mason are they real deal or the real Cinderella!

Wow someon pinch me, are you serious! George Mason in the Final Four! Wow, headed to Indianapolis for the final four! George Mason!

Well, I guess only time will tell if if the real Cinderella story will have a good ending or not!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's more then basketball

Here are some thoughts and quotes about the dissappointment of Morrison!

"I felt for him," Afflalo said. "He's a great player. There's really no reason for him -- outside of the fact that he's a competitor and wanted to win -- he has no reason to cry.

"He should definitely keep his head up. That's hard to say when you won the game and your opponent lost. But I really just wanted to see him in a good mood."

Though, I can feel for him, now one is going to be smiling after a team comes back from leading the whole game and at one point by 17 points. They are not going to be cracking jokes or smiliing about this one after the game.

"I hate losing, period," an emotional Morrison said afterward. "I mean, anything, especially basketball. Obviously I'm going to let it all hang out. And that's what I did."

Though the Zags were in control the whole game the last few seconds of the game will be recalled by Morrison statements, "I was on the other side and I heard foul," he said. "I assumed they were trying to foul J.P. They didn't call it. That's the way the NCAA Tournament goes. They got the ball and scored."

It sank in immediately in the Gonzaga locker room. There, some 30 minutes after the game was over, those in the room still sat silent. The players in one room, still in their uniforms, not saying a word. Coaches and staff members in another room, sitting in a row of folding chairs, stunned at what they had just witnessed.

Head coach Mark Few couldn't help but think about the what ifs.

"We actually had the ball in the people's hands that we wanted," Few said. "We just had -- gosh -- there were a couple shots that just rimmed out."

Especially from Morrison. One shot, in which Morrison drove down the lane, Few said the All-American makes, "95 out of 100 times." Then there was the fadeaway that Few said he has seen the junior make "a thousand times." And a wide-open 3 by Raivio.

"Either of those shots would have probably effectively ended the game," Few said. "They didn't go. We've been making them all year. That's why we're here. Because guys make those shots."

With this all said and done, the game over...I still like the characert of Morrison admitting the truth...which it all came down too!

Morrison, his head down, his words brief, explained the game's final minutes like this: "I missed the shots."

"This team has been so incredible this entire year, winning games like that and digging 'em out, making big shots, getting that last big stop," Few said. "It just finally caught up to us at the end."

Which is why Morrison laid at center court, his face down, his body numb, his emotions flowing. And why Afflalo felt for his basketball brother. The two had traded words, elbows and passions for the better part of two hours Thursday night. But in the end, they were two human beings.

"They had enough guts as a man to come over in their moment of victory, pick somebody up off the floor," said Morrison. "If I could thank them, I would. That's just a sign of great people and great players.

"It's more than basketball."

Dukes nine straight sweet 16 appearance!

Okay so everyone knows John Wooden had seven straight NCAA titles (10 total) at UCLA might be the hardest college basketball record to break. Which in and of itself is just flat out incredible, and yet still not even close to any other coach or team beating this record.

Though, we need to give our props out to Mike Krzyzewski aka Coach K having nine straight Sweet 16 appearances at Duke ends up being just as difficult to approach.

"What Mike has done is certainly in the same category as what John Wooden did," Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. "It's an awfully, awfully impressive thing in today's world."

"What's amazing to me is that they didn't have one bad second-round game," said Pitt's Jamie Dixon.

basketball plays, ncaa basketball plays,

Hear is the inside scoop and breaking down of Gonzaga getting there leader scorer in the nation open even while he is the target for the defenese. What about the West Virginia basketball plays, animation basketball plays for coaches. We have it all right here. Learn how to get a three point shoot, inside play, or other animated basketball plays.

Here are four animated basketball plays broken down to key each offensive set from all the following teams such as Georgetown, Gonzaga, UCLA and West Virginia!

Watch the animated playes brokendown below:

animated basketball plays from Georgetown, Gonzaga, UCLA and West Virginia

Monday, March 20, 2006

It came & went! March Madness opening weekend

It came & went! March Madness opening weekend! March Madness was here and gone before you could think of all the great ups and downs! Let us help refresh your memory with a came and went run down of the March Madness this past weekend!

C for Cinderella: Take your pick: 13-seed Bradley from the trendy MVC? Or 11-seed George Mason, which slayed Michigan St. and UNC? They make perennial Cinderella bandwagon team Gonzaga look like "The Man."

A for All Sweet 16 Team

"All-Sweet 16" Team
Craig Smith
22 and 16 in W over Grizzlies

Joakim Noah
Tourney's top stat-stuffer

Brandon Roy
49 pts in 2 Washington Ws

Marcus Williams
UConn PG staves off upsets

Roy Hibbert
Joins G'town big-men legacy

M for Missouri Valley Conference: Two teams in the Sweet 16, the same as the ACC, SEC and Pac-10. And two more than the pathetic Big Ten.

E for Embarrassment: The RPI's top-ranked league, the Big Ten, got 6 NCAA bids. Not one survived the weekend, an epic humiliation.

W for Washington, D.C.: Host of the most intriguing regional semi: 7-seed Wichita St. vs. 11-seed George Mason. Can fans root for both?

A for ahead look to the next round
Atlanta -1 Duke/4's all Duke this one!
2 Texas/6 West Virginia - WVA is looking for revenge from Dec.

Oakland - 1 Memphis/13 Bradley...Bradley's run stops here
2 UCLA/3 Gonzaga - Morrison is going to keep doing it!

D.C. - 1 UConn/5 Washington - UConn to the top
7 Wichita St./11 George Mason - Whoever wins, who are these teams, whoever wins will lose

Minneapolis - 1 Villanova/4 Boston College should be the best sweet 16 game.
3 Florida/7 Georgetown - G'town I think could take this one

N for Naysayers: No one looks like a bigger fool than the "experts" who griped at the last few at-large bids, including Bradley and GMU.

T for Top Seed: Oh the irony, if we paid all this attention to the Cinderellas, only to end up with an unprecedented all-No.1-seed Final Four?

Oakland - 1 Memphis/13 Bradley...Bradley's run stops here
2 UCLA/3 Gonzaga - Morrison is going to keep doing it!

D.C. - 1 UConn/5 Washington - UConn to the top
7 Wichita St./11 George Mason - Whoever wins, who are these teams, whoever wins will lose

Minneapolis - 1 Villanova/4 Boston College should be the best sweet 16 game.
3 Florida/7 Georgetown - G'town I think could take this one

big ten were they even in the tournament

This is really going to hurt, and I am even a big ten fan. But let's just face the facts this one is really going to hurt the Big Ten. I mean really every Big Ten team lost and did not make it into the Sweet Sixteen! Wow!!

Ohio State (No. 2 seed), Iowa (No. 3), Illinois (No. 4) and Michigan State (No. 6) all lost to lower seeds. Wisconsin (No. 9) was buried in round one. At least Indiana (No. 6) gave Gonzaga a tussle before succumbing in the second round.

Bottom line: When hard-working but fairly pedestrian Terence Dials of Ohio State is the Big Ten player of the year, the league lacks star power. Plenty of good players, no great ones. Nobody who could put a team on his back and rise above the round of 32.

And for a league of the Big Ten's stature, that's pretty sad.

This is a very very sad weekend for the Big Ten across the board! Wow, I really think this could hurt for while too.

Candace Parker: First woman to dunk in NCAA (twice!) candace parker dunking

Candace Parker: First woman to dunk in NCAA (twice!)

candace parker dunk, candace parker dunking, candace dunking, candace dunk parker

Did you hear Candace Parker is dunking and the first one dunk to take her to the record books. Candace Parker's one-handed dunk on a breakaway just six minutes into Tennessee's rout of Army on Sunday, Pat Summitt wasn't nearly as impressed.

Yes, the Tennessee coach was happy for Parker, the redshirt freshman who had missed her only other attempt 24 days ago in an SEC game against Auburn. But Summitt was more worried about Parker's health.

"I've seen her do that [dunk] a million times in practice," Summitt said during a phone interview Sunday. "I was just relieved she didn't get hurt."

But when Parker dunked again in the second half -- this time on a give-and-go with Nicky Anosike along the baseline -- Summitt finally succumbed to the excitement, though the coach admits it took awhile to sink in.

"You know, I was focused and I was coaching, and maybe for me, I just didn't understand it for a minute," Summitt said. "When somebody told me they broke into an NBA game [on ABC] to show highlights of Candace dunking, I understood the significance of it.

"Candace's game is a history changer," Summitt added. "There have been people in sports, in our game, who actually change the game. Cheryl Miller changed the game. Diana Taurasi changed the game. Candace is changing the game."

Wow, Candace Parker dunking her way into the history books! What a day this was!!

candace parker dunk, candace parker dunking, candace dunking, candace dunk parker

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

march madness upsets, march madness buzzer beaters, and just more march madness

march madness upsets, march madness buzzer beaters, and just more march madness

#14 Cleveland State 83, #3 Indiana 79

Unbelievably, Cleveland State very nearly made it to the Elite Eight as a 14 seed. The Vikings defeated #6 St. Joseph's in the second round, then lost by a point to #7 Navy in the East Regional Semifinals when David Robinson scored a winning basket with five seconds left. Think about just how shocking that would be if it happened today. UALR didn't leave the tournament quietly, either. It took N.C. State two overtimes to finally get rid of the Trojans in the second round.

#14 Arkansas-Little Rock 90, #3 Notre Dame 83

1987 #14 Austin Peay 68, #3 Illinois 67

Austin Peay needed a 30-foot shot by Richie Armstrong at the buzzer of the OVC final against Eastern Kentucky just to get to the NCAAs. Though the first half ended with five points scored in the final second. Illinois made a pair of free throws with one second left, and after the second make the Governors’ Tony Raye took the ball out from the basket, stepped across the end line with one foot and in one motion threw a one-handed 70-foot pass to Lawrence Mitchell, who caught it, squared up and banked in a three to tie the game at the half. AP continued to hang around in the second half, refusing to go away, and Raye hit the go-ahead free throws with two seconds left in the game. Austin Peay’s Darryl Bedford had an outstanding overall game, as the 6-foot-8 post player hit for 24 points, including five three-pointers while shooting a set shot that bewildered the Illini for its form and for the fact it was coming from a player so big. In the first year of the three-point line, post players didn’t usually shoot from the half-moon line unless their name was Brad Lohaus.

1991 #15 Richmond 73, #2 Syracuse 69

Can you remember this march madness hero's and names Syracuse team that included names like Billy Owens, LeRon Ellis, David Johnson and Adrian Autry. Curtis Blair was the star for the Spiders, introducing himself to the nation with 18 points and six assists

1993 #15 Santa Clara 64, #2 Arizona 61 all we can say is Go Broncos!!

Some more on the side march madness, quick trivia: what did both the 1991 Richmond team and the 1993 Santa Clara team have in common, besides their seeding? Answer: both were taken out in the second round by John Chaney’s Temple Owls, who more than capitalized in both seasons and scored two of Chaney’s four Elite Eight appearances at Temple.

More march madness upsets, march madness buzzer beaters, and just more march madness

1990 #14 Northern Iowa 74, #3 Missouri 71

1999 #14 Weber State 76 #3 North Carolina 74

Weber State's Harold Arceneaux became an overnight sensation with his 36 points

1993 #13 Southern 93, #4 Georgia Tech 78

Often unmentioned about this upset is how Southern was very, very fortunate to receive its seed. It’s very probable that #13 seed they got wasn’t for the Jaguars but for Jackson State. The Tigers were the “in” small school in 1992-93, led by Lindsey Hunter and playing a tortuous non-conference schedule. JSU lost road games to the likes of Western Kentucky, Illinois, Memphis State, Arkansas and Kansas but still rolled through the Southwestern Athletic Conference in the regular season and won 21 of 22 before the conference tourney final. Whether they would deserve an at-large spot if they lost in the SWAC tourney final was the hot debate on Selection Sunday, but the SWAC may have decided that for the committee when it held its title game while the pairings were being announced on TV. The committee gave the winner of the Jackson State/Southern game a #13 seed, obviously an estimation that the Tigers would win as no SWAC team had ever had a seed better than a 15 since the first 64-team field in 1985.If JSU lost, it was headed to the NIT, and that’s exactly what happened. The Jags would’ve more than likely been a 15 or even 16 seed on their own merits-they were only 20-9 in the regular season with four non-Division I wins, even after blowing out Jackson State in the SWAC final.

Final note: Jackson State went on the road in the first round of the NIT and upset none other than Connecticut, before bowing out of that tourney against SW Missouri State.

1989 #14 Siena 80, #3 Stanford 78

Do you remembe this march madness moment...Skinny sophomore Mark Brown busted out on the national scene with a career-high 32 points, the last two the winning free throws with three seconds left. Oh, and the Siena fans were indeed allowed to travel to the game in Greensboro, N.C.

1997 #15 Coppin State 78, #2 South Carolina 65

2001 #15 Hampton 58, #2 Iowa State 57

The NCAA tourney celebration that closest resembles Jim Valvano’s running around after N.C. State won the 1983 title was when Steve Merfeld was being held up by a player, kicking and screaming in jubilation after the Pirates pulled this one off. The final result was a shock, but so was the way it came about. The Pirates were all but dead with seven minutes left in the game. After a close first half, the Cyclones had finally pulled out to a nine point lead and looked ready to put away a tiring Hampton team. But then, Iowa State couldn’t score. ISU had zero points in those final seven minutes. Hampton labored on offense, too, but closed in slowly. Star center Tarvis Williams scored in the lane to finally give them the lead with 6.9 seconds left, and Jamaal Tinsley’s frantic coast-to-coast driving layup came up short, giving the MEAC its second-ever NCAA win and second as a 15 seed.

It's not march madness if we wouldn't say Valpo!!

1998 #13 Valparaiso 70, #4 Mississippi 69

You all know the shot made by Bryce Drew, you remember the reaction of Drew diving Pete Rose-style across the floor-heck, you probably even remember the name Valpo gave the play (“Pacer”, for the uninformed). What you might not remember is Ole Miss could’ve at least been on its way to overtime if star Ansu Sesay had made even one of two free throw attempts with four seconds left in the game. Also often forgotten is the entire second half of this game was classic status-worthy, with three ties and nine lead changes.

Did you know this fact....the Valpo Crusaders were on a streak winning 11 straight wins coming into the NCAAs and wouldn’t lose until a Sweet 16 game against Rhode Island.

1996 #13 Princeton 43, #4 UCLA 41

A story from the Princeton Athletic News best sums up how this one played out: “Princeton did not play the perfect game against UCLA, far from it. The Tigers shot 37% from the field for the game and were just 8 for 27 from three-point range and 1 for 5 from the foul line. They were outrebounded by 10. They were just inches away from being finished off with six minutes to go before Charles O’Bannon missed a breakaway layup.” Princeton also fell behind 7-0 before even the first TV timeout, clearly in awe of UCLA’s athletes. However, the Tigers stayed in it and took a few brief leads in the second half. They were down seven with six minutes to go, though, but the Bruins did not score in those final six minutes of the game. UCLA also had a chance to take the lead with less than a minute left when a controversial intentional foul was called on the Tigers’ Sydney Johnson, but Cameron Dollar missed both free throws.

We can not forget to mention some of these games either though!! Even more...march madness upsets, march madness buzzer beaters, and just more march madness

1988 # 14 Murray State 61, #3 N.C. State 58. Jimmy V’s postseason reputation takes a hit courtesy of Jeff Martin and the Racers, who almost knocked out eventual champion Kansas in the next round.

1990 #12 Ball State 54, #5 Oregon State 53. Gary Payton’s career ends when the Cardinals hit a free throw with no time on the clock to win it.

1995 #14 Weber State 79, #3 Michigan State 72. Jud Heathcote’s coaching career ends in unexpectedly quick fashion with a first round loss to the Wildcats.

1995 #14 Old Dominion 89, #3 Villanova 84 (3 OT). The game that almost never ended finally does when Petey Sessoms and the Monarchs wear out Kerry Kittles, the Wildcats and their incredibly ugly uniforms.

1997 #14 Tennessee-Chattanooga 73, #3 Georgia 70. Mocs take a 20-2 lead early, then have to hold on in their first game of a Sweet 16 run.

2002 #13 UNC-Wilmington 93, #4 USC 89 (OT). All the more impressive considering this happened in the pod system era (or error, more precisely). Trojans were thought to be way too athletic for the Seahawks, but it was UNCW’s Stuart Hare who had the dunk of the tourney, going over three USC players for a mean slam in overtime.

2003 #12 Butler 47 # 5 Mississippi State 46 The hot three point shooting of Butler took them to the sweet sixteen that year!

march madness upsets, march madness buzzer beaters, and just more march madness

More march madness

March Madness is here, and have all the march madness stats for you!

Did you know march madness Who holds the record for the highest career scoring average in NCAA tournament history, with an amazing 41.3 points per game?

Austin Carr

Do you know what college point guard delivered 145 assists during his NCAA tournament career, the all-time record? Bobby Hurley

Lew Alcindor was a member of three NCAA championship teams march madness back at UCLA. In what year did he win his final championship? 1969

This Buckey march madness player from Ohio State star made it to three consecutive NCAA title games from 1960-1962, averaging 16.4 rebounds in his NCAA tournament career? Jerry Lucas

Did you know this March madness player who set a NCAA single-tournament record in 1989 when he scored 184 points over his 6 games? Glen Rice

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March Madness Fun Facts, march madness interesting facts

March Madness Did you know!?!?!

Did you kind March Madness:

The Northeast Conference hasn't won an NCAA Tournament game since 1983 when Robert Morris defeated Georgia Southern in the Opening Round. Since then, the NEC has lost 23 straight decisions.

The Kentucky Wildcats have the most march madness win. Kentucky Wildcats have won 98 games, which is 10 more than North Carolina, which is second on the all-time list. Officially, the NCAA has taken away Kentucky's two wins in 1988.

Did you know that Phog Allen was the oldest head coach to win a march madness national championship He led Kansas to the 1952 championship at the age of 66 years and 4 months. The next oldest was Wooden, who won his final title at UCLA in 1975 at age 64 and 5 months.

LSU Tigers were the lowest seed at No. 11 seed. This makes the lowest seed to March Madness to advance to the Final Four. LSU reached the Final Four in 1986 as a No. 11 seed, with three of its four wins coming by 2 points or in overtime. Dale Brown's Tigers lost in the national semis to eventual-champion Louisville.

Did you know that there was a team that has won the march madness, final four, the national champion when enter the big dance, they had fewer than 20 games. But, the last team who did this great achievement was in 1997 Arizona. Arizona Wildcats gave Lute Olson his first championship in improbable fashion as a No. 4 seed. They entered the tournament with a 19-9 record.

Did you know that the ACC has had at least two teams reach the Sweet 16 every year since 1980. It's been an amazing run for the ACC, and what makes it even more impressive is that the conference was represented by just three teams in 1999 and 2000.

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Did you know March Madness trivia!?!?!

Did you know about March Madness trivia.

That John Wooden would take his wife with him where the team would travel. And did you know that John and Nell Wooden went to every final four march madness together before her death in 1985! Wow, now that's some serious March madness!!

More March Madness Trivia!!

March Madness Trivia time: It's well known that Wooden's UCLA teams won 10 national championships? How many conference championships did they win?

Trivia answer: 19 conference titles in 27 seasons.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

UNC-Duke Is Most-Watched Men's College Basketball Game In ESPN History

UNC-Duke Is Most-Watched Men's College Basketball Game In ESPN History

Tar Heels defeated Blue Devils on historic night.

March 7, 2006

CHAPEL HILL --- Coverage of North Carolina'S 83-76 win at No. 1 ranked Duke on March 4 set a record for the largest audience for a men's college basketball in ESPN history (more than 26 years), according to Nieslen Media Research.

It was also the fourth most-watched basketball game - men's or women's, college or pro - in ESPN history. The game, which was featured live on both ESPN (traditional coverage) and ESPN2 (from "Above the Rim" camera) as part of the new Full Circle initiative, was seen by an average of 3.78 million households on the two networks combined. Every other ESPN entity also covered the game for Full Circle; however, the Nielsen numbers only reflect ESPN and ESPN2's audience.

Some additional noteworthy facts:

· ESPN's single network coverage garnered a 3.5 rating, the network's highest-rated men's college basketball game in more than four years (Maryland at Duke posted a 3.5 in Jan. 2002). ESPN2's "Above the Rim" coverage generated a 0.7 rating, 40% higher than the network's per-game season average.

· The previous high for a men's college basketball audience was 3.44 million homes for the 1990 NCAA Tournament game between Princeton and Arkansas.

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Jason McElwain: Autistic basketball player shines

Jason McElwain: Autistic basketball player shines

Max sent me an email about this story. You might have seen it alread, but if you didn't- David Edwards sent the video over. " Jason McElwain, an autistic high school basketball team member in Rochester NY, served as the coach's assistant and spirit leader for several years. On the final game of the season the coach let him finally put on a jersey with the rest of the team. Watch what happens then..."

Pretty amazing stuff!

Read more on the story here.

"My first shot was an air ball (missing the hoop), by a lot, then I missed a lay-up," McElwain recalls. "As the first shot went in, and then the second shot, as soon as that went in, I just started to catch fire."

"I've had a lot of thrills in coaching," Johnson says. "I've coached a lot of wonderful kids. But I've never experienced such a thrill."