Friday, April 14, 2006

Key coaching points on dribble moves

Key coaching points on dribble moves:

1. When you get to the 3 pt. line use 1 dribble to get to the basket unless you hesitate to take the help out.
2. Do the moves at full speed game like conditions.
3. Chin ball when shooting lay-ups.
4. Circle tight with the ball on direct and crossover drives. Tighten up your game. Don't be loose with the ball. Be compact and have an economy of motion.
5. Start and finish all moves from a low body balance base of support.
6. Use all moves, but develop a go to and counter move.
7. After move go straight to the basket don't belly out.
8. Make moves right at an imaginary defender. Get the defender on their heels.
9. Go -when you first catch a pass, your the most open.
10. Use your right hand when going right, and use your left when going left.

32 point shooting

32 point shooting

*Five spots on the floor: baseline, wing, on top, opposite wing, and opposite baseline.
*You make 3 moves from each spot.
*The first is a 3 point shot (worth 3 points), the second is a shot fake one dribble drive to middle shoot jumper (worth 2 points) , and the third move is a shot fake one dribble drive to middle lay up (worth 1 point).
*So each spot is worth 6 points.
*At the end you shoot 2 free throws (worth 1 point each) for a total of 32 points.
*You compete against yourself.
*Make the moves at game speeds be tight with your game.
*The drives to the middle you will be using direct and crossover moves so step with the same foot each time.
*The moves from the top you can go either way, but be able to go both ways.

Four main objectives for guards on drives

Four main objectives for guards on drives:

1. Create space between themselves and their defender.
2. Go north and south on drives don't belly out (straight to hoop).
3. Put your body on the defenders body on the start step.
4. Take your dribble moves right at the defender get them on their heels. If you get beside them or get them on their heels, they are yours.

what drive coaches nuts about guards:

1. When a guard just dribbles once and picks up his dribbel.
2. When the guard starts going east and west instead of attacking.
3. When a guard hesitates on passing, making the play, or decision making.