Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top ten things to be practicing and improve on each day!

It's that time again with hard work, hard wood floors, and the spell of basketball is in the air and it's everywhere! We have some of the top ten ideas that you as a player needs to be taking into this upcoming season. You need to be improving each and every day at all of these!


2. Be on time, be ready to go, and be attentive

3. Be respectful to your players, your coach, the refs, parents, and etc

4. Make as many hustle plays as possible, dive on the floor, finish every sprint hard.

5. Work on the "opposite" fundamentals...bigs should be doing ball handling, "smalls" should be doing post moves...helps with a better all round game and let's you in on the other side's secrets/perspectives

6. Work on being a leader...huddle people up, encourage

7. TALK! the whole time...picking out who is open, calling out mismatches, chatting it up on defensive,, leave the "your mother's a _____" out, they may not like that!

8. Choose to have the right attitude going into every practice, drills, and game.

9. Work on even in practice going game speed all the time! Game like cuts, game like screens, game like shots. Even in practice drills, individual drills, and etc

10. Have fun, keep learning, and again have fun!

Bank Shot Basics or Backboard Basics

Bank Shot Basics or Backboard Basics

Here are some keys to be thinking of when teaching or practicing the backboard shot or also some call it a bank shot.

1. Remember to shoot the ball making contac jus inside the white box above the rim.

2. This is very key and basic, and a lot of players get this wrong. The shot needs to be hitting the white box on the downward flight of the ball. More and more younger players are trying shoot the ball just aim for the box, but it's imporant to arc the shot so that it's on the downward flight. A good rule for this is if a lot of your shots are coming hard off the backboard and hitting the far side of the rim, or missing completely and going to the weak side. Then you really need to practicing the downward arc hitting the inside part of the white box.

3. Make your follow-through point (which we suggest would be your index finger) is aiming not on the rim, but on the target that your shooting at which is the just inside the white box. This helps your shot with a high follow through procducing a high arc shott of the backboard.

4. Remember that every lay to 10 feet out should ALWAYS be a bank shot! This will help you not getting yelled at by your coach. This also, should be instilled into a player so they will not be in the air shooting and deciding which shot this is going to be a bank shot or regular straight shot. While the backboard does absorb some energy transferred to the ball off a hard drive to the basket, the shot still should be "kissed softly off the glass" as much as possible.

5. Remember it's still all about shooters touch, so don't be trying to shoot it very hard off the backboard, but a simple, soft kiss of the glass will due wonders!

6. Post players should use a bank shot when they know they will be recieving a hard foul or just about any foul down low. The bank shot has better percentage of going in even when you get pushed, fouled, or the ball gets tipped.