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2007 McDonald's All American Boys High School

2007 McDonald's All American Boys High School Basketball Team

East Roster:

* Chris Wright - G - Georgetown
* J.J. Hickson - F/C - North Carolina State
* Nick Calathes - G - Florida
* Austin Freeman - G - Georgetown
* Johnny Flynn - G - Syracuse
* Donte Green - F - Syracuse
* Nolan Smith - G - Duke
* Corey Stokes - G - Villanova
* Gani Lawal - F - Georgia Tech
* Kosta Koufos - F - Ohio State
* O.J. Mayo - G - Southern California
* Patrick Patterson - F/C - Undecided

West Roster (links to profiles):

* Jai Lucas - G - Undecided
* James Harden - G - Arizona State
* Blake Griffin - F - Oklahoma
* Eric Gordon - G - Indiana
* James Anderson - F - Oklahoma State
* Derrick Rose - G - Memphis
* Michael Beasley - F - Kansas State
* Taylor King - F - Duke
* Jerryd Bayless - G - Arizona
* Kyle Singler - F - Duke
* Kevin Love - C - UCLA
* Cole Aldrich - C - Kansas

The 2007 McDonald's All American Boys Team features a widespread talent pool featuring: O.J. Mayo (Huntington, Huntington, WV) and his teammate Patrick Patterson, Eric Gordon (North Central, Indianapolis, IN), Kevin Love (Lake Oswego, Lake Oswego, OR), Derrick Rose (Simeon, Chicago, IL), Kyle Singler (South Medford, Medford, OR) and Michael Beasley (Notre Dame Prep, Fitchburg, MA). The Boys Game will tip-off at 8:00 p.m. (EDT) March 28, and will broadcast live on ESPN.

Louisville Has Been Selected as Host City for the 2007 McDonald's All American High School Basketball Game

30th Annual Boys Game and 6th Annual Girls Game To Be Played at Freedom Hall

The rich heritage of basketballin Kentucky has brought about an announcement sure to have true Cats and Cardsfans cheering united.

McDonald's Corporation announced today that the 2007 McDonald's All
American High School Basketball Game will be played at Freedom Hall in
Louisville, KY. This is the first time in the history of the McDonald's All
American Game that the state of Kentucky will host the event. Read complete story...

Men vs. women basketball practice squads

It's men vs. women, and the NCAA is examing the male practice players. Some say it's good for the team, some players are saying they need the guys to help them improve, get stronger, play faster, and etc. While, yet others are saying it's not fair.

Some opinions and articles on this matter:

NCAA examines practice players

In practice, it's men vs. women -- and NCAA says that has to stop

Women practicing vs. men: Yea or nay?

Dwight Howard can jump out of the gym

Check this out...someone and his name is Dwight Howard can jump out of the gym.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NBA All Star Weekend Wrap

NBA All Star

We don't know what to think abou this one.


Steve Nash sang the best
Dirk looked the best
NBA All Star weekend is ALL show!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dwight Howard wanted to dunk on 12 foot rims

Booooo. That's for the NBA for not letting Dwight Howard all hang out. The humor which is not becoming a pretty hot and heated topic is that the NBA is not allowing Dwight Howard raise the rim to 12 feet. Yea, that would not be cool to see someone dunking on 12 foot rim not to mention doing a 360 dunk NAH!! Oh by the way NBA we are being SARCASTIC!!

Dwight Howard had two dunks planned for Saturday night's dunk contest that he won't be allowed to do.

Orlando sources report that Howard has been practicing a couple wicked maneuvers
that might inject this dying competition with the ingenuity/originality it desperately needs. One is a 360 throwdown with the rim hiked to 12 feet, two feet higher than regulation. The other sets the rim at 11 1/2 feet and has Howard purportedly going between his legs with the ball in mid-air before flushing.

The way it's looking right now (another BOOOO to the NBA) we will not be seeing any of that show! We can not fathom this one. The NBA has fun stuff and continues to add stuff every year to the NBA All Star weekend, but they will not add this fun creative idea given to them by Dwight Howard! That sort of just blows our minds!

Well, we guess we will until next year Candice Parker will be in the dunk contest!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 NBA All-Star Weekend Going Global

2007 NBA All-Star Weekend Going Global

Global Reach:

- 2007 NBA All-Star will be shown in 215 countries and territories.

- The Game will be broadcast in 43 languages, including, among others, Mandarin, Hungarian, Armenian, and Swedish.

- More than 1,800 media will cover the event, including over 300 international reporters. 110 international broadcasters will cover All-Star, including 52 international TV and radio networks and Web sites on-site. 20 TV and radio networks, both domestic and international, will broadcast the All-Star Game live with on-site commentary. 13 new broadcasters will air the All-Star Game for the first time including Canal 7 (Argentina), GDTV (Chongqing, China), Liaoning TV (China), Antena Latina (Dominican Republic), TV3 (Ghana), Guatevision (Guatemala), ET-1 (Greece), Cable Onda (Panama), CMD (Peru), Sportone (Romania), TV400 (Sweden), Videoland (Taiwan), and TVR (Venezuela).

- NBA TV’s 24/7 coverage will be seen in an all-time high 66 countries.

NBA All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star Weekend

This is year NBA All Star weekend 2007, Starting on February 16 through Sunday, February 18, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is first ever NBA All Star weekend that is being held in city without an NBA team is host.

The main events of NBA All-Star weekend are Friday's All-Star Rookie Challenge game, Saturday's Three-point Shootout, Slam Dunk contest and some shooting/skills challenges, and Sunday's All-Star game.

We'll also post exact schedules (both TV and otherwise), and much more.

Useful 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend Links:

- Final fan voting results for all-star game starters

- NBA Three-Point Shootout

- NBA Skills Challenge/

- NBA All-Star Game

- NBA Slam Dunk Contest

- NBA Rookie Challenge Game

- NBA Celebrity game

- NBA Shooting Stars

NBA All-Star Weekend

Will Vegas be able to top this one...last year's new little and the way the East pulled that one out on a learn.

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Setting A Screen

Setting A Screen

Here are some tips on setting a good solid screen. Before we go any futher lets describe or explain what a screen is or some call it a pick. A basketball screen or pick is a blocking move by an offensive player, by standing beside or behind a defender, to free a teammate to shoot, receive a pass or drive in to score. In basketball, it is also known as a pick. Screens can be on-ball (when set for the ball-handler), or off-ball (when set for a teammate moving without the ball to get open for a pass). The two offensive players involved in setting the screen are known as the screener (who blocks the defender) and the cutter (who gets free from the defender).

Basketball screen tips, picking tip for the player setting the screen.

Setting a basketball screen fundemental tip #1 - Take up space, make yourself wide and solid.

With this said, we are looking for someone make a solid jump stop, making yourself wide with feet shoulder with apart, and protecting yourself while setting the screen.

Basketball screen tips, picking tip for the player setting the screen.

Setting a basketball screen fundemental tip #2 - Make the right position and stand your position

Setting the screen in the path that your offensive player could make the best move to the basket or to get open for the shot. So sometimes the direction, angle, and way you position yourself for the screen is more important than setting the screen itself. Remember to set the screen on the defender himself not the a curtain area. Also, your back should be facing the where they cutter is breaking to get open for the ball or the shot. Always remember to hold the screen, and be ready for making contact.

Basketball screen tips, picking tip for the player setting the screen.

Setting a basketball screen fundemental tip #2 - Always move after you screen

Okay you have followed the first two steps, but your job is not completely done now. You as the screen is usually the one that get open. This is due to the defender tries to fight through the screen, and confuses the defense and leaves you free. So you should always open to the direct of where the ball is will be going. Be ready to call for the ball, get your hands ready, prepare to get a pass for a shot.

Nike celebrates 25 years of Air Force 1's

Nike celebrates 25 years of Air Force 1's with a new commercial featuring Steve Nash, Jermaine O'Neal, Rasheed Wallace, Paul Pierce, Tony Parker, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, LeBron James and Chris Paul, with music from Just Blaze and Juelz Santana. "The Second Coming: Our Game, Our Time"

Friday, February 09, 2007

Elton Brand and Vitamin Water

Elton Brand states:

Glaceau and I have made a pact to work together. I will drink a Vitamin Water "energy"-tropical citrus before every game and do my part. As long as I get the shots, I will shoot over 52% from the field while getting those ten boards a game. By Jan, Feb the team and I will be rolling. I loved this product for a while now so Its an easy partnership. Plus, I heard that drink that "ades gators" is the leading cause of tooth decay for teens and young adults.

This is coming start from his own blog check it out

I never knew that other stuff is the leading cause of tooth decay for teens and young adults. Though, I know it has made it's way to just about all the countries you can think name.

Dawg Pound for Ron Artest

Dawg Pound for Ron Artest

Since July, his four dogs have spent a total of 77 nights at the pound -- at a cost to their master of $1,942 in boarding and impound fees. ... Before this week's incident, officers had gone to the Artest home six times since July in response to callers' complaints, documents from Placer County Animal Services show. ... Socks suffered a broken leg in the auto accident. And Biscuit never was found after his last escape. Another dog was killed in his yard, Artest wrote in an e-mail to The Bee.

These poor pups have a better chance of surviving lunch hour in Chinatown than chez Ron-Ron.

I understand a puppy getting lost. That's when you put up signs and ads in the paper, and you go knocking on some neighbors' doors. You don't chalk it up to "Oh, Biscuit left. That sucks." Especially when you have young children.

I understand that mountain lions in the lush hills of Placer County are dangerous. This is why you protect your pups, with an overnight pen or the like.

I understand that sh*t happens. But when it happens repeatedly, as the tales indicate, something's wrong with the owner. Ron Artest does not deserve to own animals - this is clear. Hell, he probably deserves penalties greater than a $20,000 fine (which would, by the way, be a backbreaker for most California families). Jail time? I don't know; this is particularly egregious, but the law doesn't usually send people to the clink for stuff like this.

Judging from the reaction we've heard, he will get booed tonight. That, he deserves.

Kobe Bryant, How Well, Do You Know Him?

How well do you know Kobe Bryant #24 of the Lakers?

Well, did you know that Kobe...

Kobe is or has planned on buying a chopper to get to and from games: "It's going to eliminate traffic. It'll take me only 15 minutes to get to games."

Kobe Bryant believes in UFOs.

Kobe Bryants biggest reget stated by him was not working harder to make his relationship with Shaq function.

The only person who can "put him in his place": Phil Jackson.

Before the terminally ill child passed away, Kobe spent five hours with him as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation this summer.

Kobe wakes up at 4.30AM for workouts. Some days, he'll work out for 8 hours. That, friends, is insane.

Kobe's wardrobe is valued at nearly $1 Mil.

Complete more.

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Gilbert Arenas vs. entire Duke Blue Devils college basketball team

Gilbert Arenas vs. entire Duke Blue Devils college basketball team

Now you have to check this out. This just sort of made me laugh pretty hard. It's a blogger which is called Wizz Nutzz, and on this site it has a mock summary of what would happen if Gilbert Arenas, the starting point guard for the Washington Wizards and one of the most prolific scorers in the professional game today, is taking on the entire Duke Blue Devils college basketball team. He's not doing it alone, though - he's got four former Washington Wizards with him, but they're playing unusual roles.

This is just hiliarious, it has everything from interviews, to play byg play, and the whole shbang!

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NBA, Stern, and What in the WORLD?

Bryant Suspended for Striking Ginobili

Then we have all the reactions are:
Kobe Bryant wants a second opinion
Does LeBron James Play by the Same Rules as Kobe Bryant?

And now this one...LeBron Introduced Wade’s Face To Uncle Forearms

Next we are going to have Dirk dancing oh by wait...Check this one out!

IU recruit Gordon hands it to Loyola

IU recruit Gordon hands it to Loyola

That's right, last night on ESPN2 their was a little match up with North Central (Indianapolis) who has Eric Gordon against Loyola Academy who has Jeff and Marcus Jordan. That's right, the heir of thee NBA Legend Michael Jordan.

Let's just say the senior guard name Eric Gordon - who will play for Indiana next season - stole the cake, the show, and blew Loyola out of the gym. Gordon exploded with 43 points as North Central cruised to a 88-47 smashing. Also, noted that this was Loyola first loss of the season.

With this kind of game by Eric Gordon and on National TV, the talk will quickly start up again of who is the true National High School Player of the year. And with OJ Mayo, getting in so trouble or having some issues. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

One last comment and I will end this, but come on really Eric Gordon scores 43 points and Loyola (before last night was undefeated) scores 47 points.

I love it in a high school basketball interview they are asking about the SUPERBOWL! COME ON!! Well, whatever works GO COLTS!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Big Wednesday for College Hoops...March Madnes here we come!

Did you hear? Did you see it? or if you missed it, check it what you missed last night in college hoops! That's right its...No. 25 Indiana ends Badgers' 17-game win streak!

Check this out...

We sure felt sorry for A.J. Ratliff, and it just get us even that much more pumped for March Madness!

Sun Sun Ming

Sun Sun Ming a 7-foot-9, 370-pound Sun Ming Ming from China to California to Kansas to North Carolina made its latest stop Wednesday in the back room of a Chinese restaurant in this tony Washington, D.C., suburb.

Sun Ming-Ming is playing for Dodge City Legends (USBL) in Kansas. The 23-year old China native picked up basketball just 5 years ago and removed a brain tumor just last year. While he still has a long way to go before making the NBA, he is working really hard to realize the dream.

Read more about Sun Ming Ming