Monday, January 08, 2007

Learn from Bobby Knight

Mark Cuban in is latest blgo talks about what we can learn from Bobby knight, and we think it's a great thing. First, we had forgotten that Mark Cuban was an IU grad. He talks about the times he met Bobby Knight.

Then he shares what he remembers the most from Coach Knight. He states that it has stuck with him through out and really took it to heart.

It was this simple quote that he paraphrases: "Everyone has got the will to win, its only those with the will to prepare that do win". Check out the full post here.

This game rocks!!

Can anybody beat our high score of 32200?

check out just watch out for the crazy Ron Artest's flying at you, the flaming Keith Van Horn's, Zach Randolph's, then the spawning Yao Ming's, and one of the toughest big headed Shaq!

Check the game out it's fun, and see if you can beat our Today's high of 32200?

Sometimes a picture is enough said!

Steve Nash MVP or MP3 with Ali G

Here is another funny click with Steve Nash with Ali G. Is Steve Nash the MVP? Or is Steve Nash the MP3?

Steve Nash and Ali G

Steve Nash and Ali G

We found this pretty funny, and we hope you do too. Sort of old, but still makes us laugh!