Friday, January 12, 2007

'one-dribble rule'

'one-dribble rule'

Here is a great idea, and I know a lot of coaches have this rule with their big guys, but here another example of it.

Head Coach Mike Dunleavy as added the the 'one-dribble rule' on center Chris Kaman. One key reason for Kaman's success was he adhered to Dunleavy's one-dribble rule, which requires Kaman to make quicker moves with using only one dribble. While before he was attempting to dribble a few times but was not having much success which were resulting in turnovers. We are seeing this more and more even in college and high school level and lower where more players are over dribbling and not taking one hard dribble and good solid move.

A big guys needs to learn early that he needs to the following to be a good solid post player at any level:

- first catch the ball
- catch the ball cleanly, be strong with it, and pull it into towards your body
- catch the ball ready to make a move
- make your move using one fake or a dribble
- if you don't have the shot kick it back out quickly
- finish every shot strong(don't give the guards even more excuses not to throw into the post)

We understand that's a lot of things to do especially when we are talking about maybe tops 5 seconds. So that's why any post player should not be taking more then one dribble. Yes, there are special times where it's needed, but we are talking about learning and practicing what you want to do in the game.

While we looked up Chris Kaman on you tube to see if we had any videos of the before and after of Chris Kaman dribbling with one dribble instead of him getting it stolen and turning it over. All we came up with was with Chris Kaman getting his stuff grabbed by Reggie Evans. This another example of what not do! So if you don't learn anything else just take away these two thoughts.

*Don't dribble more than once in the post
*Don't grab players stuff

Ranting about VandeerMeer's quote

Ranting about VandeerMeer's quote

At 6-11, VandeerMeer had four inches on the tallest Bulldog. He also said he played with some extra weight on his shoulder.

"I watched them on TV and I understood why they were 12, but it made me mad," he said. "I thought we have a good team, we should be where they are. I went in with a chip on my shoulder because I think we're just as good."

I am sorry, but I just have to blog about this one! While Bulter was an underdog a few years ago...they are a solid, good, fundamental basketball team NOW! And what VandeerMeer states here is blowing my mind away! Maybe I am misunderstanding on what he is actually trying to state. But, what I am getting is that we are a team that is right their with Bulter or our team should be in their shoes. Well, First, facts are facts. You are not up with Bulter, your team is not over 50% right now buddy! Sorry to break it to you, but while you might have a good team. We nor does anyone else in the country agree with you on the fact that you should be where they are now. Because the stats just don't lie!

Seriously, check this out...RPI stats for 2007

SOS 1-50 51-100
Rnk Team Conf W-L RPI SOS Rk W-L W-L
1 UCLA P10 13-1 .7232 .6501 1 5-1 4-0
2 Arizona P10 13-2 .7010 .6364 2 5-1 4-0
3 North Carolina ACC 15-1 .6738 .5929 7 5-0 2-1
4 Pittsburgh BE 15-2 .6625 .5876 10 2-2 5-0
5 Kentucky SEC 13-3 .6619 .6191 3 1-3 4-0
6 Clemson ACC 17-0 .6568 .5424 70 3-0 4-0
7 Air Force MWC 15-1 .6500 .5565 41 3-1 4-0
8 Arkansas SEC 12-4 .6443 .6090 4 3-2 1-2
9 Alabama SEC 14-2 .6438 .5584 38 1-2 2-0
10 Butler Horz 13-2 .6437 .5547 45 4-1 1-0

149 Illinois Chicago Horz 7-9 .5050 .5213 113 1-3 0-0

I mean get real! The stats don't lie! Bulter has played a hard nose schedule and have worked and continue work hard for all that they have already earned this year. The real question is what they are going to do in tournament, and not the Horizon Conference Tournament we are talking the "Big Dance" boys!

Who is the 2007 National High School Player of the Year

Who is the 2007 National High School Player of the Year?

We want to hear your comments, and vote and let us know who you think is or should be the 2007 Nationa High School Player of the Year?


O.J. Mayo
Reb Asst Stl Pts
2003 (Fr.) 9.0 7.0 - 31.0
2004 (So.) 7.7 8.1 - 28.1
2005 (Jr.) 8.8 5.8 5.0 28.8

Eric Gordon

Kevin Love

Derrick Rose

Michael Beasley

Kyle Singler

Other names to be looking for...Patrick Patterson, Austin Freeman, Jerryd Bayless, Kosta Koufos, and Donte Green

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