Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rebounding, offesnive rebounding, defensive rebounding

Rebounding keys to coach on:

Check and see if your players are making an effort or not not even trying.
A lot of coaches are now taking stats on players rebounding performance on effort not the number of rebounds they get in a game session.

It's the same with offensive rebounding - you should chart the number of time a player makes an all-out effort to get to the offensive boards (attempts) against the number of chances he actually had to do to the boards.

The percentage basis calculated by dividing the number of chances to go to boards into the number of times a player attempted to get to the boards.

You can do the same collectively as a team the same way.

Goals should be:
90% or above in our effort.
Want to get back 50% or better of our missed shots

Defensive rebounding- chart defensive rebounds in a similar manner except, but calculate the number of chances to block out, box out, or cut out by the number of time a player individually or our team collectively actually did box out his offensive player when a shot was taken.

Again the goal should be 90% or above.
We don’t ever penalize a player for not making an unnecessary box out, block out, or cut out (actually discourage the unnecessary cut out.)

rebounding, offesnive rebounding, defensive rebounding

NBA Towel Girl

Now this is NBA at it's finest! Here is a pretty funny towel girl at the Raptors game.

Michigan State rebounding concepts & rebounding philosophy

Michigan State rebounding concepts & rebounding philosophy

In the Michigan State Basketball program, rebounding, without question is a top priority. From the preseason, start of the season to the March Madness, rebounding is a big point of emphasis each day throughout the entire duration of practice sessions. Everything we do either begins or ends with the rebound or attempt to rebound the chance (made shot).

Rebounding should be a thought a on every shot taken in practice. Michigan State sometimes assigns one or sometimes two coaches to watch and coach on rebounding in practice. Now rather it's boxing out, rebounding, defensive rebounding, offensive rebounding, or team rebounding will usually be determined before practice an will change in accordance to what we are working on during a particular drill or scrimmage situation offensively or defensively.

Steve Nash what cann't the man do!

Steve Nash, he can do just about anything! Check this one out! That's right...that's Steve Nash kicking a basketball from half court and it's GOOD!!

Crazy Dunk, dunk, basketball dunking

Crazy video of a Japanese dunking, slam dunking off a trampoline for like a forever long distance. Could this be the world record slam dunk from a trampoline.

Fantasy Basketball, NBA Videos

We came across this and thought it was sort of funny. This is an actual fantasy basketball show, and the host asks him to repeat his joke three times!

And much credit goes to the host, for not only keeping it together, but adding some actual advice, too. Rasheed Wallace might not be the fantasy player he once was, but hey ... a baby penis isn't getting you any blocks or rebounds, either.

This kills me ... but that's probably only because I've never advanced emotionally past the age of 13. And how can you not love a YouTube video that gives you bonus VHS footage of a cooking show at the end? Check it out here!