Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 NBA All-Star Weekend Going Global

2007 NBA All-Star Weekend Going Global

Global Reach:

- 2007 NBA All-Star will be shown in 215 countries and territories.

- The Game will be broadcast in 43 languages, including, among others, Mandarin, Hungarian, Armenian, and Swedish.

- More than 1,800 media will cover the event, including over 300 international reporters. 110 international broadcasters will cover All-Star, including 52 international TV and radio networks and Web sites on-site. 20 TV and radio networks, both domestic and international, will broadcast the All-Star Game live with on-site commentary. 13 new broadcasters will air the All-Star Game for the first time including Canal 7 (Argentina), GDTV (Chongqing, China), Liaoning TV (China), Antena Latina (Dominican Republic), TV3 (Ghana), Guatevision (Guatemala), ET-1 (Greece), Cable Onda (Panama), CMD (Peru), Sportone (Romania), TV400 (Sweden), Videoland (Taiwan), and TVR (Venezuela).

- NBA TV’s 24/7 coverage will be seen in an all-time high 66 countries.

NBA All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star Weekend

This is year NBA All Star weekend 2007, Starting on February 16 through Sunday, February 18, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is first ever NBA All Star weekend that is being held in city without an NBA team is host.

The main events of NBA All-Star weekend are Friday's All-Star Rookie Challenge game, Saturday's Three-point Shootout, Slam Dunk contest and some shooting/skills challenges, and Sunday's All-Star game.

We'll also post exact schedules (both TV and otherwise), and much more.

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NBA All-Star Weekend

Will Vegas be able to top this one...last year's new little and the way the East pulled that one out on a learn.